Effective video-training.

Companies' employees training is usually extensive and complex to apply. In addition to that, traditional teaching method doesn’t get the workers full attention and understanding.

Thinking about it, we created a methodology capable of accelerating learning of professional skills for workers with low-level education.

No more sleepiness and laziness during the training sections.

The secret is to stimulate workers' brains in the right way, and we know how to do that!

Agile training.

To train professionals spread across various cities now it has became a simpler task.

With our online platform you can delivery, measure results and control all your company's training anywhere.

We know people are different, and unlike traditional school, the internet can teach each one according its speed and style.

Proven knowledge.

To apply online training is very simple, just allow access to your employees in our platform to start training.

Besides, they can respond online tests and exercises on what it was learned. There are dynamic questions, made using images, and a practical way to improve the grip of the content.

This is amazing! You can follow the evolution of employees' groups and also be aware of learning of each professional, individually.

professional training anytime, anywhere

Our online platform is ready to train workers through computers, smartphones or tablets.

our clients:

Beleza Natural

Ademir Pinhelli

It’s amazing the strategy that integrates mind mapping and locution. I liked the way the didactics exposition of the content was presented.

Vilmar Debona

It's an interesting way to present content because this kind of "virtual conceptual map" is not very specific and also is not superficial.

Mariela de Barros

The ways to present the content, with collages, sounds and the presenter, didn't leave my brain lazy.

internationally awarded methodology:

500 Prize
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Anjos do Brasil
Desafio Brasil
Desafio Intel